Interview with Eusebiu Burcas, Project Manager at BurCASH and juror at Business Mentoring Program

Eusebiu Burcas is one of the jurors from the previous edition of Business Mentoring Program. Among others, Eusebiu is founder of the first independent financial education program in Romania, Management consultant, Sales and Management Trainer, Financial coach and Investor in emerging markets and online business. In a short interview, he talks about entrepreneurship in Romania and the importance of programs and events organized in order to support the entrepreneurial and business movement in Romania.

Entrepreneurship in Romania is getting more vivid every minute. More and more enthusiastic youngsters and experienced professionals want to put their business ideas in practice faster, better and with calculated risks.

However, enthusiasm is not enough in order to start, grow and lead a successful business.

Programs and events organized in order to support this entrepreneurial and business movement in Romania can be very useful in educating professionals, even experienced ones. An example of an educational program for entrepreneurs and managers that I trust and recommend is Business Mentoring Program.

This program can be a very useful source for gaining knowledge, education, skills and feedback for how to run the business. It can give an entrepreneur or manager the necessary insights in order to develop or reshape the business model, to identify the financial sources or the methods to attract the funding required, receiving quality ideas from experienced professionals, etc. On a very specific basis, businesses are analyzed thoroughly regarding both external and internal factors. Starting with your clients, your financing, your sales, marketing and promotion strategy, your cost management, employee management, monitoring and tracking methods, all these aspects will be tested, reshaped and judged upon.

The MIT professors’ team adds a high value to this program, for their knowledge, experience and skills are shared directly with the participants, Romanian entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Business Mentoring Program is not an easy course and it’s not for everyone. It is very intensive for the participants, during a 5 months period. Designed to meet the level of exigency and preparation of an MBA, this program requires from its participants a high level of involvement, dedication, openness to new and challenging perspectives, and especially focus.

If you are an entrepreneur, a business leader or executive of the management team, and you want to act efficiently under the current economic conditions in Romania or worldwide, this program may be for you.

If you plan to focus in the future on developing your company, you should have some key aspects figured out: sales strategy, marketing, shareholder value creation, operational effectiveness, leadership or financing for growth. This program addresses all these topics. For the company you represent, this program may be exactly what it needs in order to grow and become more performing.

If you need a reality check, see if you are on the right track with your business, this program is for you. Though it doesn’t directly diagnosis your business, with what you learn during this program, you can use the knowledge and experience to build your owntraffic light; you can see better when to stop (Red), pend upon and reshape (Yellow) or go right ahead (Green) with your business. This program could change your entire perception upon your business, the way you see opportunities in the market and even considering adapting a new business model.

The mentors have a very clear role in offering support and guidance to experienced entrepreneurs and managers for improving their skills and leading their organization towards excellent performance.

If you are up for the challenge, go for it!

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